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What is FairGoWages?

Discover more about the people behind FairGoWages, the reason we’re doing this, and how you can help us in eliminating wage underpayments.


FairGoWages is looking for supporters, champions and advocates to help us put an end to wage underpayments in Australian workplaces. If you’d like to help us, please get in touch via the Contact page.


FairGoWages was launched in June 2017, in a direct response to the mounting issue of systemic underpayment of workers in Australia.

After Adele Ferguson and Fairfax News broke the story of the systemic underpayment issues at 7-Eleven in 2015, it seemed as though the dam walls broke. Since then, there’s been a constant stream of underpayment scandals in the Australian media – often centreing around franchises.

We know that underpaying people doesn’t benefit anyone – in the grand scheme of things, you end up with disengaged employees, and a community with less disposable income. We also know that a lot of business owners don’t maliciously underpay staff – they do it because the award system is confusing, or because their business feels unprofitable.

We want to provide business owners with the tools to adhere to the law and legally minimise labour costs, and employees with the tools to ensure they’re getting what they’re entitled to. Because at FairGoWages, we know that we’re all in this together.